Umeme  was founded by Daniele Labbate (synths and Bass) and Bas Bouma (drums), two friends and experienced musicians who found themselves falling in love with analogue electronics and traditional African music.

Over the course of countless nocturnal jam sessions, the two found a striking way to fuse these two extremes, with subtle electro, house and techno accents.

Umeme’s infuences include masters like King Sunny Ade, Golden Teacher, Joe Zawinul, Mad Professor, African Head Charge, Konono N°1 and William Onyeabor to name only a few.

Athnan Umeme
Umeme latest ep “Athnan” re ects the focus of Daniele Labbate and Bas Bouma on producing a crossover between North African rhythms, analog synths and drummachines. Like the previous one, this ep is entirely performed and recorded live at Umeme’s studio dividing the work between Bas Bouma who took care drums and percussion and Daniele Labbate responsible for the synthesizers and other harmonic instruments.
While the previous album “Afrorave” was a dark and ashy mix of different styles and rhythms coming from of Togo, Ghana, Ethiopia “Athnan” instead concentrates exclusively on Maghreb and Sharqi music originally from Morocco, Algeria and Egypt. The album is released on 339 records. Mixed and mastered by Italian producer Marco Spaventi. Korean artist Da-In designed the artwork.